Stay Cool

Beyond steel roofing doing its part to decrease pollution and negative environmental impacts, all of Glacier Steel's colored panels - from dark to light colors - are finished with "cool roof" coatings that reflect heat, keeping you cool inside while saving energy. New technologies in painted metal surfaces reflect solor energy (heat) back into the earth's atmosphere.


These "Cool Roof" coatings:

  • Release the remaining heat that was initially absorbed by the roof back into the atmosphere.
  • Reduce costs by lowering energy usage for air conditioning.
  • Extend the lifespan of the roof system by lowering the amount of heat it absorbs.
  • Expands the range of color choices because the paint technology includes dark colors.
  • Earn Energy Star Ratings.  The radiant properties of cool metal roofing can save a building owner as much as 20% in their cooling energy costs.  In addition, by reducing energy production at power plants, greenhouse gases emitted in the procution process are also reduced.  Many steel roofing systems are Energy Star labeled and meet other cool roof requirements in codes and standards.


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